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Under the auspices of RISI, a one-of-the-kind Russian production of the high-purity single-crystal silicon by float-zone melting (FZM) has been established, succeeded by neutron transmutation doping.

Resulted from the FZM growth of the single-crystal silicon in ingots and the subsequent nuclear (neutron-transmutation) doping, dopants are not introduced into silicon, but produced from the atoms of silicon itself under the neutron radiation influence. This allows obtaining single-crystal silicon with the preset electrophysical values corresponding to modern requirements of power electronics and power industry for homogeneity of the structure, stability, and reproducibility of qualities.

High-purity single-crystal silicon is used extensively in production of semiconductor devices and IC chips.

The Structure of the Silicon Production Manufacture Shop Floor

  +7 (495) 663-90-95, extens. 42-55, 43-55
  +7 (495) 663-90-95, extens. 40-45


  • Manufacture of the single-crystal silicon in accordance with the technical specification requirements and taking the ordering customer’s requirements.
  • Manufacture and sale of silicon of various makes, including high-resistance (ZKOF, KOF, KBO-1, KBO-2, KBO-4, KBO-6, BDM, KB-10, KB-12):
    • crystal-lattice orientation <111>, <100>;
    • concentration of the optically active oxygen up to 2,5∙1016 cm-3 
  • Manufacturing rate of the silicon producing shop floor makes 2,5 – 4,5 tons a year depending on the diameter of growing single-crystals.
  • Production assets of the shop floor are TFZ-1435, FZ-1502, FZ-30 rigs.

Geometry and Product Characteristics

  • ingot diameter – from 40 to 125 mm
  • ingot length – from 300 to 1000 mm
  • resistivity value range – 40 – 800 ohms∙cm
  • relative deviation of resistivity measurement average from rated values (according to TU48-4-443-83) – up to 12 %
  • resistivity dispersion on the faces of ingots due to irradiation from rated value – ±6 %
  • lifetime of minority carriers – up to 15-250 ms
  • 140080, Lytkarino
  • 8 Turaevo Industrial Area.
  • +7 (495) 663-90-95
  • +7 (495) 663-90-74